OneRoster API

Hi Sandra,
I know this is a big ask, and I completely understand if it’s not possible with such a small development team, but I’m wondering if it would be possible (or already planned) to implement the OneRoster API into Gibbon. This would unlock numerous integrations with software like Microsoft School Data Sync, Classlink, Google Classroom, Canvas, and more. Although I’m not the most code savvy (and I wish I was, so I could be of more help), I think this would require specific integrations built for each, but I’m not really sure. The main integration I’m looking for, is Microsoft School Data Sync’s OneRoster API integration. This would enable grade sync, roster sync, new user creation, and much more. I will attach a link to Microsoft’s documentation on this here. Again, I completely understand if this is unattainable at the moment, because of the small team. (I’m not really sure of how big a job this would be.)

Thanks for the consideration,

Hi Jack,

I can see where this could be useful to schools using these services. This type of integration is currently not planned, and as a small dev team we are currently focusing our limited capacity on our ongoing refactoring efforts and development of the core. We do welcome contributions from developers, and in the case of API integration, these work well as an additional module developed to interact with the core. For example, the Meet The Teacher module was developed by Jim Spiers, a member of the Gibbon dev community as well as a developer at MTT at the time. The module system in Gibbon is aimed to enable extending the system in many different ways, but it does take PHP development experience to write the code for a whole new module. We’re happy to help give advice and pointers for developers looking to make these kinds of changes, but at the moment don’t have capacity to take on this scale of change ourselves.