One-click setting Markbook "Targer"

Hello Gibbon Group, thanks your work for the Gibbon V24, you are the best. :slight_smile:

I have an idea, when we create Markbook, Is that possible can let the markbook
“Target” become One-click setting,we don’t need setup one by one.
thank you for reading my question

To the best of my understanding, the targets feature is for setting individual targets based on student individual needs. If you’re looking for something system-wide, you can set the Lowest Acceptable setting in School Admin > Manage Grade Scales > Edit Grade Scale. Does this help?

Thank you @ross ,Our school’s problem is they want every Grade have deffient set , like Grade 1 80% Grade 2 85%,something like this.

Hmm, I wonder if the importer could work for this, if you go to System Admin > Import from File, there is an option to import Markbook targets. You could go to your class page and export the class list to generate the data you’d need, then add the target.

I can see where you’re requesting a new feature to do this through the interface, which I understand. I can say that our capacity is quite limited though and we do have a pretty full roadmap for the upcoming version, so we could add this to the feature request list but would not have time to address it soon. Thanks!

Thank you Sandra, you always help me a lot. :slight_smile: