I’d like to setup a class to use two locations at the same time. Depending on their lesson plan for the day, they may be in the classroom or on the playground. BOTH locations should be “blocked” so that the teacher is free to move between them.

Is this possible? (How would I set it up)?

This isn’t currently possible when creating the timetable itself. One way to block both spaces could be to use the Booking system under the Timetable module, and setup a recurring booking for that teacher in the additional space. Another option is for the teacher to just book the playground on the days they are using it, which potentially frees up the space for other classes to use. A couple different options that might work well. Any other teachers looking at that space will see it as booked for that teacher if you use this method, so it’s essentially blocked out the same as a timetable would, but more flexibly.

Bookings works - except you can’t see bookings on the same calendar as the classes. I noted on another ticket that was an enhancement request…is it still in the backlog?

Hi Jason. Yes, teachers should be able to see their own bookings on the timetable, be sure the bookings checkmark in the top corner of the timetable is turned on. When looking at the View Timetable by Facility page you should also see a similar checkbox and can see bookings and classes at the same time.