Number of Characters in a Column

This is in relation to questions i asked regarding “Updating to v20 - Number of Characters in a Column in v19”

COURSE Short Name has 12 Characters
CLASS Short Name has 8 Characters

As shown above, what I did, I limit COURSE Short Name to 6 characters, in order to add 2 characters (01, 02, 03) and fit with CLASS Short Name 8 characters.

Is there a particular reason why Class Short Name is shorter (8 characters only) than Course Short name when Class needs extra character to identify designated Class number in a Learning Area ? ( Grade One - 03 in the example )

This is just a concern for clarrification. Again, Thank you for this wonderful system.

-Radz Jacer

Hi Radz,

Throughout the system, classes are displayed in the format of CourseShortName.ClassShortName (eg: 15MATH.03 where 15MATH is the course short name and 03 is the class short name). The class short name does not need to repeat the same name as the course, because they’re displayed together. This is why class name fields tend to be shorter, they’re usually only a number or a few characters.

Thank you Admin/Sandra

Perhaps, it is just my way of identifying the Class of a Particular Subject. Otherwise, 03 would mean Class 03 of any subject, which might lead to confusion.

Anyway, now I understand.

Again, Thank you for the prompt explanation :smiley:

-Radz Jacer

No problem. Class names aren’t displayed by themselves, so you wouldn’t see a 03 on its own, it always has the Course.Class format to avoid confusion : )

Thank you Sandra.

Should I write 03 or .03 ?

This will be a bumpy ride, renaming our courseClass ShortName, as we have around 4,800 students from Preschool, Grades 1 to 6 (Seven Classes each Grade Level), High School Grades 7 to 10 (11 Classes each Grade Level) and Senior High School Grades 11 and 12.

I will experiment first with Grade 1.

Thanks again Sandra

Not saying that you have to rename them, but that’s the logic behind how the naming works : ) The dot is part of the formatting, so you don’t need to add it. With your current names, you’ll see 15MATH.15MATH03 in the system, which is longer, but will still work if that’s what your system needs.

I understand now.
Thank you very much Sandra for this clarification.