Notification Events for non Administrator users

How are you?

I need some users that are not administrators to receive notifications from Data Updater when information is changed, and be able to approve the changes. In this way, I can delegate this task and avoid concentrating too many tasks on one person.

I granted the Notification Events permission to a Role I created for that purpose.
What happened was that users with that role were able to modify the configuration of Notification Events, but they didn’t actually receive the notifications when information was changed via Data Updater.
I tried to add them to the Subscriber list in System Admin > Notification Settings > Edit Notification Event
but the only user listed there was the Administrator.

How can I achieve this?

Thank you!

Hi Ricardo,

You are correct in that subscribing a user to an event, rather than giving them permission to manage the events, is the way to set them up to receive notifications. For each event, there is an associated permission required for that event, as the event relates to and links directly to that permission/action in the system. The users listed in the dropdown are the ones who have that permission.

For example, the Medical Data Updates notification event requires that users have the Medical Data Updates permission:

Hi Sandra,
I hope you are doing well!!

Checked and working as you described!
Based on your answer I reviewed my action steps and I think I was mixing the “Personal Data Updates” Permission (that allows the user to receive the notification and approve the changes) with the “Update Personal Data_any” Permission (that allows the user to make a change request)

Thank you!!