Notes on Invoices


Am wondering if there is a way to get lines of text entered in the ‘Invoice Notes’ section to appear on new lines. We use this section to include our banking details for transfers, but it is hard to read when all the information is on big long line.
I have tried just typing into the box on finance settings page the way I want it, but when the invoice is issued, all line breaks are removed and font just appears in one long line.

Can I do this or not?



This box contains HTML, which means line breaks are compressed unless you use the
HTML tag for line break. You can also use other HTML for lists, bold, italics, etc. If you have someone on your ICT team who knows basic HTML, this should be easy enough for them to tackle. Hope this helps!


Thanks Ross,

I’ll get onto our IT team and get some basic HTML to add to our layout :slight_smile: