Non-reportable switch still allows report generation

What am I doing wrong? In Manage Courses and Classes, I have set the class to non-reportable, then went into the Course Enrolment by class and set both teachers and students to non-reportable, have never entered data for the class, but find that the Attitude and Effort switch automatically selects a drop-down grade, so every student is reported on. Is there a simple fix for this? Thanks

Just realized the fix for this. One of my staff noted that the Complete box was ticked, thereafter no changes could be made. When this was unchecked, the non-reportable classes disappeared from the reports!

Hi Tony, did you perhaps change the reportable status after the reporting criteria had been setup? Or have imported the data from another source? In this case, if there is data in the system that is marked as complete, regardless of it’s reportable status, it will be included. This is largely for backwards compatibility with migrated data.