Next Roll Group

Dear All,
There is an option in school admin -->Manage Form Group
Which is “Next Form Group” (Set student progression over roll over)
What does it mean ?

And also in its drop down list ,nothing is appearing . How to set this?

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Hello! This option means that when you do the Rollover from one school year to the next (e.g. 2017-18 to 2018-19) students can be automatically assigned to the correct form group. In you short you are saying that students from one form group (e.g. 07.1) will move to another group next year (e.g. 08.1). If you mix your form groups, then you would use Student Enrolment to specify where students go to.

In terms of populating this list, you would need to add form groups in the upcoming school year, under Admin > School Admin > Manage Form Groups.

Let us know how you get on.


Dear Admin,

                   Is we have to login next year i.e. 2019-2020 and then insert year groups and roll groups . And Are these year groups and roll groups should be same as current .

Please let me know.

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Hello, you can log in to next year to do this, but there is also a year switcher in Manage Form Groups, so you can do it within the current year by pressing the Next Year link.

Year groups don’t need to be added each year, as they represent a position within the school as a whole. Form groups are specific to years, and so do need to be created each year. It would be common, I believe, to use the same names each year.


Dear Admin,

                 It worked Now and there is an option "copy all to next year" which automatically copies all form groups to next year. 

Thanks for quick help.

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Ghulam Abbas