New User List is not reflecting

I would like to Thank you for this wonderful opensource application.

I am just playing with this application and trying to setup the start to end module.

With the help of getting started document I am not able to understand from where I should start or to configure at least the basic modules which a small primary school required to utilize.

It will be great, if we could get the step by step configuration for starting at least a basic setup like,

  1. How to configure class from 1st standard to 10th standard.
  2. How to add subject for those classes
  3. How to enroll students for each classes
  4. How to take attendance by teacher of these classes.
  5. Finally preparing the marksheet and grading the students.

Even though I am able to grip and trying to setting up the above configuration, it is very time consuming by going through you tube sessions, docs and searching for each step.

Till now the following configuration has been completed.

  1. Student Registration
  2. Teacher Registration
  3. Classes Created
  4. Enrolled Students and Teachers as per the classes.
  5. Currently stuck in attendance module. Taking attendance by each classes.

Also not able to understand what exactly Form group is used for,
I am trying to add Teacher in the Form Group, but it is not showing other then the administrator user.

Hi @rajsona Welcome to the Gibbon forums. My sincere apologies for the delay in a response, I try to keep on top of the forums at least once a week, but I’m also a full-time teacher and it’s been an incredibly busy term at school :sweat_smile:

It sounds like you’re off to a good start learning and setting up Gibbon. From what I can see, a “standard” in your sense sounds like a “year group” in Gibbon. A “subject” for you sounds like a “course” in Gibbon, with classes inside the course as instances of that course. You can customise terminology to replace one with the other using System Admin > String replace.

A form group is a group of students under the responsibility of a tutor, also called a homeroom or roll group, depending on the country.

To add teachers to form groups and classes via dropdown lists, be sure your teachers have been added through Staff > Manage Staff.

Hope this helps!