New Translation for Modules and Words

Hello Gibbon-Team, Gibbon-Community,

i have a question about translations. :slight_smile:

There are often some words who arent in the PO-file.
Is there are way to add new words for the translations?
(String Replacement tool is great but cant me with this one).


Hi ub123,

Yes, we use POEditor for our community translation and we’re happy to add anyone to a translation team if they’d like to help fill in missing terms. Send an email to and let us know which languages you’d like to work on.


Hi Sandra,

i already did the german translation for Gibbon. I want to translate Modules like “Policies”. Is there a way to manually expand the PO-file with new words for translation?

Hi ub123,

Good question. Most of the additional modules haven’t been internationalized yet. This tends to be a process of editing the code and adding __m() functions around the strings that need translated and then setting up a POEditor project for that module. In recent versions our team’s focus has been on our ongoing refactoring work on the core, so the additional modules have not been updated yet. If you have an interest in making these changes yourself please do let us know.


Sure. I would like to help with this one.
Poedit couldnt find my test string so im doing sth wrong atm.

Can you show me an example for this?

Hello, I am interested in this question as well, i have been facing an issue with some messages that i cannot translate on Poeditor

for example the message:
“This form has not been correctly filled. Please scroll up and fix any errors indicated in red.” when an application report is not filled correctly

hopefully we can help sort it, just guide us on how to do that.

Hmm, good question. I think the “This form has not been correctly filled. Please scroll up and fix any errors indicated in red.” string may be related to the validation library, which is javascript based and may not use Gibbons translation system. Is this the only string that seems not to translate? Feel free to let us know if there are any others.