New to Gibbon

Hi All,

I have just installed Gibbon and created the DB and granted the user gibbonuser all to the DB but when running the installation at the last step this is what it shows

Installation - Step 4
Errors occurred in populating the database; empty your database, remove …/config.php and try again.

I have gone to console and logged to DB as gibbonuser … what else can i check?
Also to inform that on the DB there is not gibbonLog …
i believe that only after this last step i will be able to just type localhost/Gibbon or localhost/Gibbon/login.php

Thanks for your support.
Helio de Jesus


Welcome to Gibbon. Can you try and remove the database, and config.php and run the installer again. This time, don’t create the database in advance, but let the installer create it for you. Hopefully this might do the trick.

Are you installing with out without demo data? If with demo data, try without (you can always install it manually later on by running gibbon_demo.sql on your database).