New theme

Hello everyone,

I have developed a new theme for Gibbon. Very simple tweaks of the default–but I like it!

Also, I might mention that if you try to load a theme with a space in the name, you will see an error. (It happens with Time Forest too.)


Hi FV, thanks for the theme : ) It’s nice to be able to customise the look and feel to suit your own tastes and needs.

In terms of the install error, this was a bug that was introduced via some v15 changes. We’ve fixed it in the following v16 commit, which should be backwards compatible with v15:



Ok. Good news.

BTW, is this the proper way to submit themes?

Good question. At the moment we do not have the back-end system in place to manage a wide range of themes on our Extend page, and so we are going to accept only those new themes that really break the mold of the Default theme. So, for now this is a great way to share your theme. Eventually we’d like to have a system where theme publishers can share and update themes via Extend. Not there yet though!

Here is a screenshot of the above mentioned theme so you do not have to install it just to see it.


Interesting. I just tried the theme files in your zip file (which is for Gibbon v15) and it does not work well. By any chance you have your theme updated for Gibbon v18?