New Students status and Rollover

Hello there,

I have question regarding our new students for next school year. At the moment we already have information regarding our new students that will come on next school year. We are planning to add the new students as the new users this week with start date ( next school year july 2016) and will set their status “expected” until the new students come on July and then change their status to “full”
My question is…is it the next school year roll over will affect this new students if their status is “expected”?
For example : the new student will be in grade 8 next school year, if we added him now as grade 8 and on July the 1st we will do rollover is he going to be in grade 9? or he will stay in grade 8?

Thanks in advance for your prompt reply.


Thanks for getting in touch, and welcome to the Gibbon community. When you run the Rollover (don’t forget to backup first), you will see that the second and third sections are related to Expected users, as in the screenshot below.

The first step is to take all Expected users (staff, students, parents) and set them to Full, except those you don’t want to change.

The second step is to take those Expected students and enrol them in the upcoming school year.

Hope this helps.