New Logo not Showing

Hi Ross,

I have installed and set up Gibbon on a shared host server without much problem. It’s a great piece of software.
But my problem is this. I tried changing the theme from default to the “Darkness theme”. The theme was installed ok. I wanted to change the Gibbon logo so I replaced the image with my own and save exactly as how it was in the “Darkness Theme”. The theme was changed ok but the Gibbon logo is still there. I did an inspect element on the logo on my site and it is still referring back to" although the my new image is shown in the “Dakness Theme”

Any suggestions as to where I went wrong?

Hi Ross, I figured it out i didn’t change the relative logo path in system admin.

Thanks in advance


To address this, please take a look at Admin > System Admin in the top menu, which takes you to System Settings. Here you will see a text field called Logo, where you can enter the relative path to your logo file.

Hope this helps.