new generated mo file translation from poeditor dont take effect !

hi i work on translation to arabic , i generate mo file by poeditor website or poedit application
after that i put a new file into appropriate folder “\i18n\ar_SA\LC_MESSAGES\”
new generated mo file mo dont take effect or change and dont show new words or sentences recently translated !
i restart a web server and no changes again
help !

for example
“Manage Budget Cycles” i found in database in gibbonaction and i translate it
it work only in left menu like this

Hi Nejah, that is odd. I can see Manage Budget Cycles is a string that should be fully translatable, and I can see an Arabic translation has been for it in POEditor recently. While it’s not part of the v24 translation set, you should still see it if you use the export option in POEditor and replace your \i18n\ar_SA\LC_MESSAGES\ file. Are you able to log out and back in again, perhaps this will help. I tested it locally and was able to see the updated translations. Thanks!

While testing out the translations I noticed the RTL support for the new Default theme wasn’t great, so I’ve improved it in the following commit to v25, which you could apply to your own codebase with the changes here:


thx sandra ,
the problem that t work on local webserver :slight_smile: i should restart it each time when i change mo file
on the other hand on remote server its work correctly :slight_smile: