New email template system?

Hi folks,

Yesterday I’ve downloaded the new v18 version of Gibbon. Thanks particularly for making it responsive :slight_smile:

Beside the new responsive layout, I’m also interested in the new email template system. Customizing email and SMS is something being on my request table for quite a while now.

Where is it located? I searched for quite a while without being able to find it.

Kind regards,

Hi Roman, we are pleased you like it! Hopefully there will be many more improvements in v19: under @ross’s wonderful stewardship, Gibbon is going from strength to strength.

The email templates are stored under /resources/templates/mail

Let us know how you get on!

how can i edit the default message of the welcome email?

i looked in /resources/templates/mail but i don’t see where can i replace the text.

neither in the admin dashboard.

Thanks in advance.

Hi uebmaster,

At the moment this message isn’t customizable in the templates. We’re working to refactor many of the email messages in Gibbon, but this is still an ongoing process. Is it the student application form email you’re looking to customize? You may be able to change this in the code itself, but keep in mind that any code changes would be replaced when you upgrade, so they’d need to be saved/restored after updating.

hello @ross
is the customizing of email templates available now? in version 22.0.1?

As it happens, the whole student application form is now being refactored into a much more flexible system, so the goal for this development is now v23, releasing January 20, 2022.