Naming of ”Canned Response”

Hi folks,

I’m wondering why the term “canned response” was chosen. Wouldn’t e.g. “message template” more adequately describe this functionality.

From what I know, “canned responses” are mostly used in support teams when questions are asked by users. In Gibbon, this tool is not really used for replies but to create new messages instead. As far as I know, Gibbon doesn’t even support replies, right?

We mostly use this tool for repetitive stuff, where the message is very similar, e.g. to remember users to update demographics, invite for meetings, etc.

What do you think? Am I missing something?

Kind regards,

The world is a big place, I think any chosen terminology is bound to have various meanings to different people. Luckily there’s string replacement, so you can fine-tune the terminology in your system to what works for your needs :smiley: