Name format and order

I live in Brazil. Here we do not use names in the format , . But I realized that theres is no option to change that in many parts of Gibbon. For us, it is very important to order by the firstname and to present names in the format .

Well, I change all queries which had “… ORDER BY surname, preferredName …”, so the first issue was fixes for my site. Names ares order by the first name. But, they are still appearing like “Schmitt, Marcelo”. Could anyone tell me which method/function returns that format for me to change it?

Thanks a lot.


Hi Marcelo, sounds like you’re off to a great start making these changes. The other place to look is in the src/Services/Format.php class and look for the name() method. This uses the method parameters to determine the order to display names in, you could change the function to ignore those parameters and always display in the order you need it in. Ideally, in the future we can look at making this into a setting, currently staff name formats can be customized, but not students.

Sandra, is there a way to participate in development?

Hi Marcelo,

There definitely is! If you email we can add you to our developer Slack, and then get you up and running from there.