MySQL Collation became utf8mb3_general_ci after Ubuntu upgrade

Good day. After upgrading Ubuntu the PHP version became 8.1 from 7.4 and Mariadb became 10.6 from 10.3. “System Admin” > “System Check” lists “MySQL Collation” having value of utf8mb3_general_ci and it should be utf8_general_ci.

I ran “ALTER DATABASE [gibbonDB] CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci;” and then “sudo systemctl restart mariadb” but “MySQL Collation” still has the value of utf8mb3_general_ci

Are there additional steps that I have missed? Thanks in advance

Hi Richard, good question, and timely. As long as your server is running fine you should be okay. It sounds like utf8_general_ci is being deprecated in future versions of MySQL in favor of utf8mb3 or utf8mb4, so we’ll be sure to update the system check for the next version of Gibbon.

Thank you @ross for prompt reply :slight_smile: