My Timetable only shows Classes for Students and Teachers


As far as I understood so far, the timetable in the dashboard will show Classes only if your user is somehow related to the class (because it only shows My Timetable). And it will show only one Class per Day/Time.
This makes sense because as a Student or Teacher you only have one class on a given day and time. ( also showing several classes in the same box of the Timetable is impractical).
For doing so you should be able to do something like double-clicking on the day/time, and a day view should open and show you all the classes for the day or day/time in a popup or a detail screen.
Maybe I’m missing some conceptual facts. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

If this is right, what is the point in showing the timetable in the dashboard for Staff and Administrators?
In both cases, it will show nothing but the skeleton of days, but no useful information about what is happening in the school, and could also be a bit frustrating for the user to have an empty Timetable every time he logs in.

Is there a way not to show the My TimeTable for non Teaching Staff in their dashboard?

Also, by default Staff is not able to see the Master Timetable, which from what I’ve understood is the only way for them to see the school’s activity. Is there a way to allow them to see it?

Thank you!

Hi Ricardo,

This is correct, the timetable will only show classes that a student or teacher is part of. For admin or non-teaching staff they would see the day structure without classes. This is still quite useful for them to know when periods start and stop. Depending on your calendar integration (Google or Microsoft), they would also see school and personal calendar events overlayed on the timetable, which is also quite useful.

Be sure to check the User Admin > Manage Permissions section, this will allow you to customize which roles in your system can access the Master Timetable, and any other pages you wish them to see/not see.

Clicking on the timetable to bring up all the classes could be a feature request. As a small team we have our hands full with ongoing refactoring efforts and development, we could add this to the feature list but it may not be high priority. We do also welcome code contributions from developers who wish to add new features.

Hi Sandra
Ok, I’m glad I got to understand the way it works. It’s a good start.
I will check the permissions section as you suggested.

I’m not a developer but as I start going deeper into the details of the system I might consider learning some php and trying to add some features that relate to my use cases which are sometimes not very common, but might be of help for someone else too.

I understand the situation of being a small team and having to deal with many tasks, and I really appreciate your effort!! You are doing a great job here.

Adding this clicking on the timetable for details feature in future releases, will give the timetable a nice and useful extra power.

Thank you!!