"My Classes" on Home page: direct link to take Attendance

One of our teachers has pointed out that the links to classes on the right hand would work better if the “Participants” link was actually a link to take today’s attendance for that class.
The icon is actually the same icon as “Attendance” once you are in your Class page.
And besides, when you click on the Class Shortname, it actually takes you to the same page as “Participants”, except to the top. So the “Participants” link seems to only add a very minor advantage of not having to scroll down?

I will probably change that code for our own installation once Gibbon v14 is here, maybe even earlier than that, but I thought I could bring it up here too.

Sure, I think I made this change a long time ago for our system before Attendance by Class was in the core, it’s certainly something that could be quickly added to v14.

Just did it for our v13. Too easy :slight_smile:
But it would be nice to have it in v14 this way out of the box.