Multiple teachers in one course on different times


Is it possible to have two teachers added to one course, but in the timetable just show the lesson in the teacher added as teacher to the “day” and course?

I.e. a colleague and I are teaching the same course and class. We have to agree on the marks but his lessons are on tuesday and mine are on monday.
When importing via timetableComplete I am able to set the teacher for the corresponding timeslot, but his lessons are shown in my timetable since we are both added to the course.

Do I have to split the course in two courses, set one to not be reported and manually merge the grades at the end of the term or is there another option?



Hi Paul,

Yes, you can add timetable exceptions for a class, which can remove a teacher (or student) from a specific timetabled period. To do this, go into Timetable Admin and edit your timetable day, then find the period of that day, and when you edit it you’ll see a list of classes for that period. The third option is Exceptions, which you can use to add an exception for yourself on Tuesday and the other teacher on Monday.

Thank you Sandra!

There is no possibility I would have found this option. It makes sense to put it there. Also the import behaviour, where there was just one teacher listed on a single occasion of the course in a timeslot, makes sense for other school systems.
I also would never have guessed, that the icon means exceptions. Even with your clear description where to go I had to look multiple times. Now I understand, that it means “manage people” in the broadest sense. Since it is also used for attendance, course enrolment and maybe some other places I associated it more with inclusion - adding people - than removing them from a timeslot. I would have found it more obvious that it means exception if one of the people would be crossed out, or a minus sign would be close to them.

I guess changing the import format to import the teacher field as an array (like the additional roles on the user import format) and checking if a teacher has to be removed from the timetabled period would, beside breaking backward compatibility, not be feasible because it would be to hard on the database since for every period you would have to check the teachers in the course / class and compare them.

I hope you find me not too intrusive, I’m just trying to add ideas from a new user perspective. Since I’m just starting and probably won’t be able to contribute to the code I’ll try to bring some ideas.

best regards,