Multiple Attainment grades per Markbook column

Yesterday we demo’ed the Markbook to teachers here. Because we do MYP here, the discussion was more or less: “Could we grade according to MYP using this?”
One request that I think would help a lot in making the Markbook more capable would be to add the option for multiple Attainment scores recorded for a single Markbook column. Ideally with each of these scores linked to different Rubrics and Grade Scales.

There should be some thought about how this all would affect weighting, of course. Maybe the simplest approach would be to also link each of these scores to its own weighting.
The global weighting code then would “simply” consider each subscore as if it was one more assignment with identical properties except for the ones said above.

I really need to get my act together and make time to whip my PHP and git kung-fu back in shape…

Urko, this does sound like an interesting approach. In terms of editing the core to do this, just thinking about the way the data is arranged at the moment, it would be a fairly significant rewrite. One option is to take the current Markbook module, and turn it into an additional module, which you could then code in your own direction. This might be the thing for you to get into shape on ; )