Multiple Assesment Scale and Term Dates

Hello everyone, suppose a school is offering two sets of curricular, are you able to add the terms for both ? what about when they coincide in some dates? what happens to the days that coincide? because most times for British term starts in September to August and the Kenya Education system starts in January to November

James, I believe @ross is making something like this work at her school, but it is not easily supported in Gibbon from a design point of view. Let’s see if Sandra can add anything here.

At TIS our terms for elementary and secondary are different, but the overlap is only a difference of a couple weeks so we’ve been able to accommodate by having one set of terms and setting the dates to cover the widest range of both combined (if that makes sense?)

Perhaps for your case, maybe splitting the year into quarters or thirds may work, and have curriculum scheduled into two separate timetables with Tie Days to Dates. Eg:

British Term 1
British Term 2/Kenya Term 1
British Term 3/Kenya Term 2
Kenya Term 3

Possibly something to try out on a test install to see if it’d work? Things could get tricky with the start and end dates for the academic School Year, as Gibbon only supports one current School Year, you may need to pick one or the other to set those dates.

@ross How Do I split the year like that?

Hi James, It may depend on how your school term dates line up. When students start, do some start in September and some in January, or are there some overall school-year start and end dates you could work with?

You could try creating four Terms in School Admin, something like:

British Term 1: September to December (2017)
British Term 2/Kenya Term 1: January to April
British Term 3/Kenya Term 2: May to August
Kenya Term 3: September to November

Just brainstorming though, our school doesn’t quite use the same method. It’d certainly be something to try out on a test system and see if it would work with your schools dates & requirements for timetables, etc.