Moving to another computer

i am going to be moving the database and host it on another computer, it is only on this one pc , what would be the best way of doing this without me loosing the information

Just be sure to update Base URL * and Base Path * and if the database and php codes will be in different pcs be sure to use the host-name or IP for the server in your config.

Hi gpsal,

Here’s a step-by-step that may help:

  • Be sure to backup your entire database, often with a tool like PHPMyAdmin, Sequel Pro, or the mysqldump` command
  • Copy the entire contents of your Gibbon root folder to the new computer, and update the file permissions to be server-writeable
  • Check the Post-Install & Server Config section from the Gibbon docs to ensure your new server is setup for Gibbon
  • Setup your MySQL database on the new computer, and edit the config.php` file in the Gibbon root on the new computer to have the correct database and password
  • Import your backed-up SQL file into the new database
  • Open the gibbonSetting table (often with a tool like PHPMyAdmin or Sequel Pro) and look for two entries:
    1. absoluteURL` - change this to the URL of the new computer (or IP address as James mentions above). Must start with http:// or https:// (with no trailing slash / )
    2. absolutePath` - change this to the absolute file path of your Gibbon install, which is likely different on your new computer (also no trailing slash / )
  • If all goes well you should now be able to login. Browse to the System Admin > System Check page to ensure that the required versions are installed and settings are turned on for Gibbon.