Moving on to the internet

Hi everyone ! I have set up most of the things i need right now. So before putting in more work, I have two questions:

  1. How do i move the site from localhost to my goDaddy web hosting?
  2. I already have a basic wordpress site. Can gibbon be installed along with it or do i have to buy a new domain? (I checked the admin’s school website, are those two different domains?)

Thank you in advance

Hi flygye12, good questions : ) Hopefully the following helps:

  1. You’ll need to move all of the files in your installation, as well as your database. There are different ways to do this, but I would tend to use FTP to upload the files from localhost to your server, and then an SQL client to download your database as an SQL file, which can be imported into GoDaddy using their CPanel PHPMyAdmin install (at a guess, but this might vary).
  2. You can put Gibbon into a folder in the domain, such as When you move it, you will need to go into the database table gibbonSetting, and update the entries with the names absoluteURL and absolutePath to match the locations for your new server. Also, you’ll need to update the /config.php file with the values for your new database server.

Good luck, and let us know how you get on!


Thank you Ross.

I have uploaded the files on to domainname/gibbon/gibbon folder using Filezilla. (i had already made a gibbon subdomain from my cpanel and so there is another gibbon folder within the gibbon folder).

It is always asking to overwrite module process.php files.

  1. Do i have to run the installer again?
  2. I am still googling my way regarding “importing database as an SQL file”
  3. absoluteURL absolutePath…i got absolutely lost there… :open_mouth: 3.

I could not find answers to these in the forum. I will report if i find it before one of you nice people answer.

Otherwise, as always i’m very thankful in advance.

Okay i uploaded everything /public_html/

i tested the path and got this. Is this done by you Ross, in which case it is very funny ha ha ha ha


Hi flygye12, yes, that is my terrible teacher/dad sense of humour at work there ; )

This error should be logged, in your Apache error or access log. That’ll help you find out what is going on.

Before importing, have you managed to export the old database? That would be the first step. If not, what OS are you running? Let me know, and I’ll recommend a good MySQL client to do this with. If you have exported, then the next step is to find the built in MySQL client in GoDaddy CPanel’s (I’d guess it is PHPMyAdmin).

Finding this will also help you with updating the gibbonSetting values.

Keep going!

Hi Ross !

I have exported the whole gibbon database from localhost/myPHPAdmin.
My laptop has windows :#
My godaddy hosting is Linux.

I think i have to import to the MySQL database (?).

I am still figuring out whether i have to make a database or import the gibbon.sql directly.

Question: Will I have to “install” gibbon again? Or will i be landing directly to the login page?

I have done the followingP

  1. Changed gibbonSetting, and update the entries with the names absoluteURL to
  2. changed absolutePath to public_html/
  3. updated the /config.php file with the values for new database server Name, User & Password.

However no luck. The gibbons are still at large. :frowning:

Also where is the apache access/ error log?

Hello again. Sounds like you are making progress. The import ought to make a new database for you, but should also work if you make the database and then import into it. Either way, should be fine.

You won’t need to install Gibbon again: Gibbon will detect the presence of config.php in your files, and thus not redirect you to the installer.

Did you literally use “” or did you use your domain name?

Access and error logs vary by OS but in Linux are generally in /var/logs. However, as it seems that you are using shared hosting, the host will not give you direct access. CPanel may give some access, but often you have to contact the hosting support in order to get access.

Seems like you are pretty close now!

ha ha ! no i used my domain name of course.

i had used xampp to install gibbon on my laptop. I have done most of the work on my localhost so i hope everything is working here.
I do feel i am very close and only some odd change i have to make.
Yes I am using shared hosting but i don’t find their support very helpful. Let me try though. Thanks again.

PS: Do i have to do the “Post Install and Server config”? Because that I am making no heads or tails of.

Shared hosting definitely has its limitations, but there should be no reason why you can’t get it to work.

I felt daft asking about the domain, but just wanted to rule it out : )

Let me know what you learn from the error logs.

You will wan to look at the server config part of the “Post Install and Server config” guide, and it is very possible that the error is due to a require PHP extension that your new config does not have.

If you are struggling with server config, we do offer commercial support via, and would be happy to log into your hosting console and take a look at what we can do. Support is available hourly or via a support contract.



Hi Ross

I really want to do this myself for a sense of achievement (and i have time - Corona !!! ). I will reach out to support as a last resort :cry:

Meanwhile, I have made no progress. I could not find any error log.

Set permissions of all Gibbon files so they are not publicly writeable (e.g. chmod -Rv 755). -Where do i make these and other changes?
Create folder /uploads and set file permissions for to allow writing by web server (avoid chmod 777 for security reasons). Do i need to do these?

I appreciate your gumption and gusto!

Gibbon will work in general without either of the tweaks you mention above: but, the first is for security, the second to enable file uploads.

Permissions can be set in the Linux command line, but most hosts provide a file manager that can do this.

To learn more, search for “linux file permissions” and you’ll learn about the three different sets who can access a file (user, group, other) and the three permissions for each file (read, write, execute). You’ll see that 755 and 777 are ways to set the three permissions for the three sets.

Linux: the best, most intense to learn OS int he world!

Good luck! Ross

Hi Admin !

I am re-installing gibbon directly on to my web server without the demo data. But i am wondering what do i put here:


Because your web server and database server are on the same machine.

Good luck! Seems like there is not much point migrating when you only have the demo data ; )


I imported the gibbon.sql file into the new MySql database from the fresh core-19.0 00 folder. Is that okay?
And i am wondering now, did i enter the path okay here?

I have done it ! I have done it !
i deleted the database, made new.
The issue was of permissions. I’ll now try to see if changing permissions to 755 for the old installation also helps :smiley: I’m ecstatic !!!

Nope. The old installation is not a permissions issue. Anyways, i have something to work on now ! Thanks for all the help ! :slight_smile: