moved to new server with new website address and having error loading

Hi all i have just exported my database and gibbon files folder in public html folder onto a new server with a new web name but i am having problems getting the site to load so far the error is (( Fatal error: Call to undefined function Gibbon\bindtextdomain() in /home/svserver/public_html/ on line 90 )) i went into the database in gibbonSettingID and changed the absoluteURL and the absolutePath to the new server i also went into php.ini and turned on
but still no luck is there alot of code to change when moving the database and website files from the public html folder ?

Hi Orlando,

Sounds like you’ve updated the paths which is the most important step. After turning on the gettext extension the server will need restarted, then you can type a command like which gettext` to see if everything is working (it should output a path, otherwise if it outputs nothing then something still isn’t setup).

After that, if you do get Gibbon running hop over to the System Admin > System Check page and it’ll check some of the other extensions and settings to ensure you’re ready to go.

Hope this helps!

Hi Skuipers thank you for your help i fallowed what you said and i managed to get the site working at least the loading page and i can login but after that if i try to access and of the links on the drop down home page like admin/ system admin i get a blank page (( can’t connect to server )) this happens with any of the link buttons not sure whats going on now but i am sure this can’t be a big problem do you hav any ideas what could be the problem now.
website link
If you click on forgot password you will see the blank error i am getting across the site

Orlando, the fact that you see four fields in the login area, instead of two (the second two should be hidden) suggests that your JavaScript files are not loading either. Can you check to make sure the files, after you migrated to the new server are publicly available.

Interestingly, I viewed the source on your homepage, and then clicked on the jquery.js link on line 12, and I see:


The :443 means that your site is trying to use HTTPS, even then your address is HTTP. Looks like something is misconfigured here.

Hope this helps.


Hi Ross

Yes that makes sense beacuse on the old server its was running on https thats a other problem that i need to fix changing back to http i did change it in the database not sure why its still showing https i will check to see if i missed something, all the files i migrated over went into the public html folder so not sure why i am having that problem there as well i am hosting the server now using WHM / Cpanel at our school so maybe theres a setting in the system thats not right

Hi Ross

I had a relook at my database and YOU WHERE RIGHT :slight_smile: the :433 was the problem i change to :80 and the site came alive 100% working thank you for picking that up see what happens a good pair of eyes.

thank you for your support on this matter

You are welcome! It should work without :80 as this is the default, so you can remove it and simplify your links.

thank you i removed the port :80 and all is well