More details about your software GIBBON


I would like to use your software

But the reason I am contacting you is to find out if you can assist us in case we need some customization, how much will you charge us for hour/

Is it possible for your software to support the following services or features:

1- Teachers should communicate with the parents of students via internal message, and sms

2- Parents can use the website to send sms to a teacher

3- The software or website should host or manage multiple schools.
Each school can register separately from others
Each school has its login details
Unlimited school registration

4- Newsletters to parents

Thank you


We do not charge for custom coding, but try to line up feature requests into our roadmap, so we can implement them in due course. We are a tiny team, with very limited resources, but we try to help schools where we can. You can look at the features under development in v11 and planned for v12 from our roadmap page:

To answers your questions:

  1. Yes, both of these are possible. For SMS, however, you need to register with an SMS gateway (, and they charge per message, and currently don’t support all countries.
  2. This is in theory possible, but with the paid gateway may not be a feasible way to go. Why not use email?
  3. This is not directly possible, but you could install all instances on one server, and then use some scripts to bring out the data you need.
  4. This can be done with the Messenger module.

I hope this helps.



Dear Ross,

Thank you for your reply.

I am focusing on the point number 3.

Are you saying that your software will only register one school? What I want is to have multiple schools registered under the website. And each school should have its login details. Parents and teachers will registered under their school.

Please, advise if it is possible.



Yes, it is a system for a single school. So, to have multiple schools, you would need multiple installs, and then a web page of your own to list them. I would love to implement a multi-school solution into Gibbon (like Multi Site in WordPress), but I fear we do not currently have the programming resources to do this. It would be a huge job.



Mr Daniel (DWBM),

I can see that you have a very important and personal project to do. I can help you with what you want to do. You can contact me at Let’s discuss.

Yours sincerely,


Hello, we are also looking at Gibbon for two different applications to support our international ministry. 

For the first, we may be able to support our face-to-face training using Gibbon for a single institution with English interface, at least initially. 

Similar to Dan, we sponsor multiple “schools” doing international training in a run-once installation of our proprietary PHP, web-based LMS.   In addition, users can come to the site and change the site language with a language drop down.   (A shared library of courses are available in multiple languages regardless of the selected interface language.) 

For the second, we would like to integrate something like Gibbon with our current multi-lingual, multi-institutional LMS to extend our grading and SIS functionality.   

So it would be great if Gibbon could support multiple institutions / tenants / schools in one instance as well as multiple languages in one installation!  We are also a very tiny “shop”, but for now I can at least offer to join in this discussion.   



I appreciate what you are trying to do, and it sounds like multi-school Gibbon would definitely benefit you. As we mentioned, above however, it is not on the official time line for the foreseeable future, simply due to resource constraints. Sorry we can’t do more right now, but we appreciate your input all the same.



I can make gibbon multi-school. Contact me at if you want this.