Moodle sync not happening correctly

so now what is happening is the courses are syncing but only some i dont know why i deleted the courses from moodle and after sometime when the sync took place only some courses showed up not all please see images below of my courses on gibbon and Moodle


@leofreitas hope this gets to you have very good experience with moodle as roos said please help me out

thanks in advance

Try access MOODLE/admin/tool/task/scheduledtasks.php
After this execute “run now” and analyze the output

If the link “run now” is not available you will need to check the settings

hey @leofreitas i turn on the run now setting but still can not see the run now button but i managed to see the log file see below
the courses are syncing but not all onlysome are

Check your settings in (admin/settings.php?section=enrolsettingsdatabase) … “default course category does not exist”.

Thanks alot for the help @leofreitas you were lots of help i figured out the issue which was i was using exact same names for short codes for the courses