Moodle Sync Data

Hi, I managed to setup moodle external database, when the cron runs, its seems not to synchronize the data into moodle…any help?

James, from memory, the sync takes place on the Moodle side, not the Gibbon side (I’ve not looked at this module in a long time, as don’t use Moodle myself). In this case, the best place to look is the PHP logs on the Moodle server to see if there is anything of note showing up there. Ross.

@admin The data synced an now just looking for a way to make it possible of using the same password in Gibbon in Moodle, like a SSO

James, last time I looked at this Moodle was using MD5 for hashing passwords. This is now essentially obsolete, and so Gibbon uses the more processor-intensive SHA1 with a salt (as an aside, this is now not as strong as it used to be, so at some point we will move to bcrypt or something newer). As a result, Gibbon and Moodle could not share passwords. This might have changed, if you want to look into Moodle’s password scheme. Ross.

Ross, We have configured the Gibbon Moodle module as instructed here. And cron runs every 15 minutes. But, SSO is not working!

admin, I installed and configured gibbon as per settings shown in this link with moodle, but I am unable to login with gibbon credentials in moodle. So, could you please help me for single sign in for both gibbon and moodle and I am struggling for this issue since two days. Please help me as soon as possible.

@abhinaya I believe there’s a way to achieve that, either but enabling Module to access the table for username and password in Gibbon or creating a “Sign in With your School Account” (Creating your own Outh to sign in e.g.sign in with google ac)

@abhinaya Maybe we can collaborate on this one

Dear jmsperu, thank you so much for your support and help…I will go through this link and let you know the status about this issue.

@abhinayaabhinaya Will be waiting. I have seen Gibbon and Moodle use different password formats. Making one be the Oauth Server may work beta but now you may want to make user the emails or usernames in both gibbon and Moodle are the same.