Moodle integration scope and Bigbluebutton

Hello there, I was checking out the documentation at:
And I see that it only integrates Courses and Users. I believe there’s no other data that is shared across such as Grades and Lessons, is this correct? I wonder if there are plans to expand this integration.

And also I wonder if you guys have considered an integration with Bigbluebutton or an integration with Greenlight (the user-interface, which is already very powerful on its own), as this is an essential part of LMSs nowadays (more now in the Coronavirus times)

Finally, any chance for me to sponsor those changes? I understand this depends on your availability as well.

Kind regards.

Hi there,

I’m sure I could take a look at this for you. If you wish, we can continue this chat on Slack ( just DM me there and we can discuss further. I’ve worked on a number of modules, both core and otherwise, on the Gibbon repo so should be well placed to assist you.

What extra integration would you be looking for from Moodle?Is there something in particular you’d like to bring across?

I guess you’re looking to have BigBlueButton for your classes so there’s a couple of places this could go. If you could confirm the placement you’d prefer for that, I’ll see what can be done.

Whilst I’m sure the community would likely consider something like this, such changes would likely take a bit of time to be considered and similarly would take time to be added. Sponsorship would most certainly bump the priority of such a change.



Since Dan hasn’t messaged me, if anyone else would like to see this, please let me know so I can get a feel for popularity. I see the Github project shows that feature requests are next on the list.

Hi Jimbo8098, I am very interested in see this happen. Big blue button is an excellent open source app 4 videoconferencing and their integration with moodle is quite robust. The way Gibbon allows planning and administration of the school is quite good, Moodle does not do this properly but on the side of the actual classroom is very extensive in activities and resources.