Moodle Installation

HI there, I have a couple questions about the moodle module, should I install moodle after or before gibbon? or should I put the same database for both? after instal the moodle module what should I do?
thanks anyone for helping me

Update I already install moodle 3.0 and follow the steps on
but I can not make it work, I got the following error
any suggestion?

@george, and input on this? Thanks : )

Hi Sent an email. The message is not an error just indicates the connection is made. You will probably need to set up a task to sync users and courses.

Ok, how do I set up the task? why if I all ready make the connection I can not see any users in moodle? Im using linux on a virtual machine on amazon, also how do I connect a parent user to the student user so the parent can see the student results?

Hi Luis,
I have found how I synced users. you need to set a cron task.

Sample cron entry:

  • 5 minutes past 4am

  • 5 4 * * * sudo -u www-data /usr/bin/php /var/www/moodle/auth/db/cli/sync_users.php

you need to change the “www-data” to match the apache user account.

I think this site will help you set up cron tasks on your server.

Hope this helps,