Moodle course sync not happening now

before the courses i made on gibbon synced with moodle lms becuasE of the plugin but now wll of a suddent the sync is not takeing place please help

@admin please help this happends when my scholl has to open

Hi syamkerai, I am sorry to hear this. Are you able to find any relevant PHP error messages on your server? This might help point us in the right direction. Thanks!

Cant see any errors but the sync of the courses is not taking place i can only se a few of the courses not all wich are on gibbon

let me give you an insight of what is happening before when i set up moodle with gibbon all courses were syncing properly and also user were syncing properly all of a sudden something happened and the courses are no longer being synced even when the cron job admin/cli/cron.php is running . i can not see any error in the php log.what can be the issue please help me out i quit stuck

@admin @leofreitas

so now what is happening is the courses are syncing but only some i dont know why i deleted the courses from moodle and after sometime when the sync took place only some courses showed up not all please see images below of my courses on gibbon and moodle