Moodle and Wordpress intergration

Hello, how to I intergrate Moodle and Wordpress to Gibbon


For Moodle, check out our guide at:

For WordPress, the only place it integrates is in the Markbook for comment push, which allows you to take a Markbook comment, and push to to a WordPress blog, but only when the student has submitted work that is a link to a WordPress site.

To enable Comment Push, you can go to Admin > School Admin > Markbook Settings. Then, if students submit work into a lesson plan (in Planner), and that lesson is linked to a Markbook column, when the teacher marks the work, there will be a choice to use comment push, on a per-comment basis.


Hello I could not find Home  Site administration  Plugins  Authentication  External database


This location is in Moodle, not Gibbon. Are you looking in Moodle? My information on Moodle is one or two years old, and so may be out of date. This Moodle documentation might help:


Hi admin . . I am still confuse about wordpress integration. Would you pleased to send me a complete tutorial. Thank you very much . .

Why would you want to integrate wordpress into Gibbon?

At ICHK we do some informal integration, such as using a script to pull staff data out of Gibbon to display in our website. But beyond that we’ve done nothing more formal. Like Roman I’d be interested to know what kind of integration you have in mind. I’m intrigued!