Modules Installation


I would like to ask for help if I want to install the modules “
I read somewhere in one of these discussion that this module could help import bulk students.
But would like to ask if you could provide me the steps to do so.

Appreciate your advice,

Hi bandhit,

The install any module, you take the sub-folder with the module name (in this case Data Admin) and put it in the /modules folder in your Gibbon installation. You then navigate to Admin > System Admin > Manage Modules in the Gibbon web interface. Scroll to the bottom of this page and you will see the module listed: click on the install icon to install.

As of (from memory) Gibbon v18, the import elements of Data Admin have been included in the Gibbon core, and are available under Admin > System Admin > Import From File. As such, you might not need the Data Admin module (although it has other useful functions too).



Hi Ross,

Thank you very much for advice.

Greatly appreciated