Module installation issues

I keep getting this error after placing the downloaded and unzipped module packages on the server “Module error due to incorrect manifest file or folder name” , I really need some guidance here.

Forget it I figured it out.

Great work, sorry we did not beat you to it! Can you let us know what the issue turned out to be and how you solved it? Thanks : )

It was a simple mistake that I made really, after I unzipped the particular module, I copied that whole folder in to the modules folder on the server instead of looking for the properly named folder. So what I did was retrace my steps and I found the solution.
I recently did a reinstall of the server so I had to redo everything from scratch as it were, because I was able to do all of this before with the previous installation.I am just working it out so I will be able to do another install hassle-free when that time comes.

Thanks for taking the time to add this detail, which will no doubt be useful to other Gibbon users in the future. Thanks!