Modifying the information displayed in a Timetable hour block

How are you?

Is it possible to modify the information displayed in a block of the Timetable view?
I couldn’t find any configuration option to do this.

This is what the Timetable looks like in my scenario:

  1. As you could see in the blue block I have the name of the Column Row (16hs), which I understand is the unique identifier for that row, which is fine but does not add valuable information to the Timetable
    Then the start and end times (16:00 - 17:00), which are fine to define the boundaries of the class, but again do not add valuable information as you can see that information in the left column that shows the hour of the day. (maybe it adds some information for classes shorter than the time periods, but this is not my scenario)
    Both lines of information are mandatory which is fine for processing purposes, but in the display, they take up valuable space.

  2. Also, the Class is prepended with the Course name, which is fine, but perhaps could be optional.
    i.e. If I have a Math Course, and a Math 101 Class, it will end showing" Math.Math 101", which will probably force me to name the Class just 101, to end up with “Math.101” in the Timetable display.

So, to summarize I would appreciate your advice on how to change these two default behaviors.

Thank you very much!
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Hi Ricardo,

The timetable display is one of the original core components of the system and does not contain a configuration system (the file that handles it’s output is currently many thousands of lines to handle all the logic and edge cases). If you were to make manual changes to this file, beware that your codebase will then have diverged from the core, and these changes are likely to be overwritten with future versions.

For #1, many schools call these time slots periods and would name them P1, P2, etc. Your naming scheme should work just fine, albeit with some redundancy. At this time there isn’t a setting to hide this part of the timetable.

For #2, my recommendation would be to not repeat the course name in the class name. Nearly every area of Gibbon will display the Course.Class name together, so there is no need to repeat it, and shorter class names are better. Naming the class 101 in a Math course is one way to go. The other way is to give the classes alphabetical names, eg Math 101.A, Math 101.B, if there are multiple classes in the same course. Some schools use teacher initials for the class name here as well.

Hi Sandra,

Noted and understood!!
I wiil definitely go that way.

Thank you!