Missing reporting module https://gibbonedu.org/extend/

Hi folks,

It appears that the reporting module was removed from the website. It appears that it was no longer maintained and was consequently removed. We are using a modified version of it in our school, which is working just fine. I would be interested in taking over maintenance of this module since we still use it in our school and are quite fond of it.

Kind regards,

Hi Roman, thanks for this generous offer. Can you send your request by email, we don’t manage the Reporting module but would be happy to forward your request onto the original module developer.

Ideally, the new Reports module is intended to provide full reporting features in Gibbon. I’d be interested to hear if there are any specific features missing in this module that you are still using the old Reporting module for.

I’m not very familiar with the new reporting module since the old one is covering all our needs so far. :wink: