Misleading infos in taking multiple attendances?

Hi folks,

Doing further studies of Gibbon v17, I came across the following.

It is possible to take attendance multiple times per day. In the past all those records were kept and it was possible to check when those various attendances were taken, e.g. for a particular batch.

It seems that now past records are no longer kept and are overwritten instead. I’m ok with this since I don’t really need all those records since we do end-of-day attendance.

Anyway, messages like “Attendance has been taken at the following times for the specified date…” are misleading since only the last record ist kept an listed.

It seems there are such inconsistencies in group and class attendances.

Am I missing something?

Kind regards

Hi Roman,

Well spotted, as there has been a change in this regard. The current behaviour is that records are removed, only if it is the same person taking the attendance multiple times in a row. The aim here was to avoid overloading the Student History (and other) logs with all the minutia.

You really are digging deeply into the new changes!