Minimum set of mandatory fields when using Form Builder to create new Student Application Form

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I want to design a new Student Application Form that will have some Custom Fields.
Is there a minimum set of mandatory fields (from the regular fields) that I must include in my custom form in order not to break or lose any of the systems’ functionality? (I could guess, “all the fields that are marked mandatory in the default form”, but I’d rather prefer to have a more funded opinion)

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Hi Ricardo,

When you create a brand new form, be sure to scroll down past the Pages table to the Functionality. By default, all pieces of functionality are listed here as active/inactive depending on the presence of their required fields, so for a brand new form you should see a list of all required fields. They are organized by functionality so that you can ideally only add the required fields for the functionality that you need and omit any other fields that are not needed.

Hope this helps!

Hi Sandra,
I’ve checked it, and it is just like you said. It is just a matter of choosing the right set of fields according to the functionality you want to enable.
Thank you!!