Migration to new server issue

Dear Admin,

This is our second attempt at doing the migration but still no luck :frowning: After the migration, the gibbon page is not showing properly. We double-checked all the commands and updated the IP but still no luck. Could this be related to SSL because we have not installed it yet? We do not have experience in installing the SSL.

Please help us how to figure this out.

Thank you very much!

Hi Chellie,

After migrating the absolutePath and absoluteURL settings in the gibbonSetting table in the database need to be updated, especially if you do not have https setup, then you will need to change the url back to http. The errors you’re seeing are related to these values not being correct, therefore the CSS files are not loading. One way to access the database is with a tool like SequelAce, or my installing PHPMyAdmin on your server and accessing it that way.

Hi Sandra,

After following your instructions, the gibbon is now showing. Please advise which folder are we going to import the SSL keys.

Thank you!

This is how it looks like:

Hi Chelie, is this what you are seeing in your web browser? If it is, it suggests that PHP is not set up properly. You need to be very careful in this state, as it is possible for someone to read your config.php file and so access your database password. In which case, I’d change the password ASAP, and not update config.php until you get PHP up and running. Ross.

Hi Ross,

Thanks for your response, I have turned back on our old server and will set up the migration again this week. This could be related to our SSL installation, after we installed it and tried restarting the Apache it didn’t work.

Kind regards,