migrating to a new host


ive decided to migrate my installation to a different host, hosted on siteground

What I want to know is how should I proceed?

Should I run a new installation on my new host, and is there anyway to transfer all data, including logins and all data to the new installation?
Or should there be another method of doing it?
I will probably use softaculous to install it. 

thanks in advance


Good question. In your shoes I would do the following:

  • Copy all files to new host, using FTP over SSH
  • Download database from old host, to .sql format
  • Search database export file for any occurrences of your current domain, and replace them with the new domain
  • Find the absolutePath setting in the database export file, and update it to the new value in your system.
  • Import the database export file to your new server
  • Update the config.php file on the new server to point to the new database

However, this method has not been tested with Softaculous, under which you might need to use a different method.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the extremely quick reply. I will try this. Just to clarify, if I do this method I would not need to do the installation, am I right. I can just copy it all over and should work.

athar1, no problem : ) We try and keep it speedy! Correct, with this method, no need to reinstall.


Followed the steps, and got it working perfect. 

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Our pleasure to help! Happy Gibboning : )