Microsoft SSO


I noticed one of the big things they are saying is a feature of the latest Gibbon (23.0.01) is Microsoft SSO, but I cannot find any documentation or any information on it. Only Google integration. Does anyone have any info on this?

It says here that Microsoft SSO and OAuth2-Standard SSO under Headlines section.

Okay so I found where the settings are in the system, and there is a link to the instructions for configuration, but the page is broken.

Gives a page not found error. PLEEASE make this work, would make my life so much easier!

Hi Ella, thanks for the heads up, we had planned to write some documentation there but it’s been a busy couple months since release. I’ve just added some screenshots and instructions to the docs, please let me know if you have any questions or need clarification for any step. Thanks!

Thank you! During the configuration on Azure (at least with another platform I manage) it usually requires specific permissions its asking for, any chance those need to be set up? It defaults to read only, and when I connected it, my page would just loop with the link changing repeatedly until it would eventually time out and stop.

I have asked for an external accountprovider for a LONG time. I understand AAD has been implemented. Does this mean standard AD (or even Samba4 AD) accountprovider work also?

Hi Robb, currently the available SSO options implement the OAuth2 protocol. I believe standard AD uses the LDAP protocol. It’s not currently supported in Gibbon, however it looks like the new Aura Auth library we’re using has the capability to use an LDAP adapter. I can ask in our dev community if anyone is available to implement this for v24.