Method of identification of Roll number/order for new students admission


There is no method to determine roll number for New student entry .
There should be a method to auto calculate next Roll number or last roll number.

It’s may be considered as a feature request.

Best regards,
Ghulam Abbas

Hi Ghulam,

If you’re importing the student enrolments by a spreadsheet, you could perhaps use the spreadsheet to add these in pretty quickly. I’d take a guess that these are not done automatically because each school might have it;s own way of assigning these values.

Hope this helps!

What if we need to enroll students from applications.

A valid question, but not something the system supports at this time. I’m guessing many schools wouldn’t know the roll number until all the students for the roll group had been accepted. These could still be set manually via Student Enrolment, or uploaded via a csv import.