Messenger Wall

In Messenger Wall messages are not seen as per the sequence sent. Messages are seen randomly. How to solve this problem?

Hi Viashalr, the current logic is to place any pinned messages at the top (they appear in purple, and can optionally appear on the homepage too), followed by all other messages ordered alphabetically by their subject line.

Let us know if you think there is a more logical way to do this.


Thank you Ross,

We were think that chronological order would make more sense in our case. I am not sure how others see this. Messages tend to have “time value”, in that, sometimes they are to be read in a sequence as they may be announcements. Is it possible to make it chronological ordering from my end?
Thank you

Hi vishalr, that is an interesting suggestion, although as Message Wall only displays one day at a time, are you thinking of chronologically based on the time of creating the post? Ross.

yes sir, we wanted it based on time of creating the post.

Hi vishalr,

I’ve had a chat with Ross and we’ve updated the message wall order to be chronological for v24. You can see and apply the same change to your codebase here:

Thank you for this update Sandra.