Messenger wall edit

Hey! I wanted to change this text “Each family in Gibbon must have one parent who is contact priority 1, and who must be enabled to receive email and SMS messages from S-S. As a result, when targetting parents, you can be fairly certain that messages should get through to each family”. I wanted to remove the SMS part from this text. Is it possible?

Hi Ibrahim,

u can go to ur gibbon folder “gibbon > modules > Messenger” and open “messenger-post.php”.

You can change the text on line 92.

Beware of 2 things with this method:

  1. Translations wont work for this line anymore
  2. Changes will be lost after each Gibbon Update

Thank you! It worked.

Thanks ub123! Another option, if you’re not looking to edit the code, might be to try a string replacement in System Admin > String Replacements, and use the Partial option to replace the string “must be enabled to receive email and SMS messages” with “must be enabled to receive email”.

Great! will try it.