Messenger Service


I didn’t receive a notification message in my mail after send , into messenger services such as the parameters of smtp is verified.

Kind Regard.

Hi MohamedCanaCom,

Be sure to check your PHP error logs to see if there are any indications of why messages aren’t sending. There is also a log for messenger in System Admin > View Logs. It can help to double-check your SMTP settings in Gibbon, and if you can, something like the port or authentication being incorrect can interfere with messages sending.

Hi Sandra,
Thank you for answering.
I checked both logs and I am not seeing any thing special.
SMTP settings are for sure correct as I am receiving new subscription mail for example or invoices or else.

Kind regard.

Hi MohamedCanaCom,

I can see the logs indicate the message is still Ready and hasn’t started sending. I wonder if perhaps the background sending isn’t working on your server, it’s possible your system may not have access to the function to start processes on the server. In this case, can you go into the System Settings and set Background Processing to No. Then try and send a message and see how it goes.