Messenger: Activities - Restrict other roles to send to

Hi everyone,

is it possible to restrict to send messages on activities to a specific role other than parents?
I found “New Message_activities_parents”, which I turn off and it works fine not to see the selection of parents.

I would like to restrict to send to students related to the activity.
Why? Because the parent should only send to staff and not to students. Ok, “no” could be selected but you could never count on the user.

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Hi Steffen,

Messenger is intended to help facilitate the school sending out emails to their community. It isn’t quite intended to be used as an internal messaging system for parents to message staff or students, and for this reason you’ll see the permissions are not setup in a way to necessarily enable using it in this way.

I could see why a school might want to use it that way, however this could be problematic, as the emails sent from the system are sent via the system’s email account, and use system resources.

Hi Sandra,

the messenger shouldn’t be used as a “chat system” between the users. I totally agree.
I plan to and will :wink: use Gibbon for extrascolaire activities.
Teachers keeps up the attendance, and will inform the parents of the children, which are related to the activity, if the activity won’t take place. But also the parent should inform the teacher, if the child couldn’t take part on the activity.

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