Messaging templates

Hi team,
How is it possible to change the default template for messaging to parents. I also want to know if it is possible to automatically pull out the first name, last name and roll group into the template so when messages are sent to parents in groups it displays their wards details and roll group.
example I want to send this to a group where there are 40 students instead of typing full name and class for each student is it possible to make changes in template where template pulls up first name and last name and group automatically of students to who the messages are being sent.

Dear parent
Your ward Firstname Last Name studying in Grade (Roll Group) …

Hi Paschal,

Yes, you can achieve this in Gibbon v19, and without editing the template. We’ve just added a new feature, which is on by default, and inserts the student’s name (but not currently roll group) at the top of each out-bound message.

You’ll see this feature in the Customisation section of the New Message action:

Hopefully this helps, but let us know if you have any further questions.



Thanks a lot Ross. Guess I have to do an upgrade as i am using version 18. Is there any help in google cloud as i am planning to change my hosting to cloud for new installation.

Hi Paschal, no problem at all, and good luck with the upgrade (which we’ve not heard any issues on since release v19 last week). I see you’ve posted on an existing post about he cloud, so let’s follow up there (Roman has beaten me to it, in asking for more details).

Hi Ross,
I am currently using version 19 and still when i send out email, message ( text not configured) The name of the student ( Individual naming ) does not show up. Is there a particular format which I should draft the text for first name and last name to be sent out or do i have to make any changes in the script if so which file name.


Hi Paschal, as long as that Individual Naming switch I showed above is set to Yes, this should work. This feature works when you email parents of a student. You could try to go to Admin > System Admin > System Check, and use Clear Cache at the bottom, to see if this makes a difference. Ross.

Hi Ross,
Thanks for taking the time to reply. I am still having issues with the individual naming. I have the Individual naming on and as instructed I have cleared the cache too but in vain no difference. I dont know where the problem lies. Is it because of the migration from a shared hosting to cloud where my database from a shared hosting was restored into the cloud. Below are the images of whats happening when I am sending an email using attendance status.
Input fields

Individual Naming is yes

Output Parents inbox

Student received email is same as parents

I have tried inputting in the text field with text
Dear Parent,
Your ward [firstName][surname] has not attended in school but in vain.

Where am I wrong. Is it something to do with a php file if so which file.

( Hope you guys are safe and in good health in Hong Kong)


Hi Paschal,

I’ve run some tests with v19 but I haven’t been able to reproduce the error your seeing. Is it possible that your admin user and parent are both using the same email address when testing this functionality? When I tested this, I selected Individual Naming: Yes and Attendance status as a target. I get three emails, one for each parent, and one for the admin user, that look like this:

Parent Message:

Admin Message:

Otherwise, if you’re running v19 then perhaps not all the files have updated correctly? You could try copying over the modules/Messenger/messenger_postProcess.php script again:

Thanks for taking the time and replying with examples sandra. I shall try the same.