Messages displayed without any publication dates limit


Is there a way to make such a modification of Gibbon message Wall funcionality, so it would display messages without any publication dates limit (no time limited display)? The message would then be displayed until its deleted (or deactivated) by admin. If yes, I would contact you then to ask for a pricing of such an individual modifiation of the code.

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This facility is really needed and I too would be interested in this. If we could set a publication start and end date so we have a date range that would be better.

Hi @Lukasz and @rmakhan

I can certainly see where this could be useful, and I have noticed that some users will update the publication dates for a message wall entry, to bump it forward every three days. I think the intent for the initial limit was so that the message wall wouldn’t become full of stale long-standing messages. However, perhaps this can be solved with a permission for “long term messages”. I like the idea of a start and end date, rather than just three dates chosen. I’ve added it to our development list for v27, and hope to have some more development capacity in the coming months to tackle these kinds of improvements. Thanks!

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